We help our clients navigate the complexity of the security industry's market structure and relevant regulatory risks. Our clients leverage our expertise through customized research reports and consulting services addressing market structure and its regulation, with an emphasis on competitive, regulatory, and technological pressures that shape the rapidly evolving US equities landscape.

Market Structure and Regulatory Risk Consulting

Our solution is provided as a consulting services package that is custom-designed for each client. In addition, your organization may take advantage of our research reports that provide a balanced overview of focused issues, as well as broader concepts, and developments. We also assist our clients in following regulatory initiatives and debates, and participating in the public comment process.

Electronic Trading

  • High Frequency Trading

  • Proprietary and Agency Trading

  • Market Making

  • Trading Infrastructure

  • Competing Business Models

Trading Venues

  • Securities Exchanges

  • Dark Pools & Other Trading Platforms

  • Reform-Oriented Trading Venues

  • Fragmentation

  • Internalization

  • Data Feeds

Risk Management

  • Electronic Trading Risk Control Assessment

  • Electronic Trading Risk Management

  • Portfolio Risk Management Solutions

  • Electronic Trading Compliance Audits

  • Portfolio Manager Risk Control

Trading Mechanisms

  • Order Types

  • Access Fees and Rebates

  • Order Routing

  • Payment for Order Flow

  • Best Execution

Regulatory Developments

  • Congressional Hearings

  • SEC & CFTC Rulemaking

  • SRO Rules

  • Trading Platforms' Rules

Client Types

  • Broker-Dealers

  • Private Equity Firms

  • Regulators

  • Lawyers and Investigators

  • Asset Managers

Rates: Market structure and regulatory risk consulting rates range from $450 per hour to $1,000 per hour depending on length of engagement and staff allocated. Please contact us for daily rates and project-based rate alternatives.

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